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He is humble, friendly, courteous and very professional. I'm usually shy around the camera but I was the least bit uncomfortable on our wedding day, thanks to Andre!

What makes Andre extra special is the fact that he is so much more than a photographer; he gives great advice about makeup, dress, weather, venue etc. The ladies in my wedding party were stunned that he even gave suggestions on lacing my dress! A guest was lost on route to the venue and sure enough Andre came to the rescue!

He actually shared a few photos with me in the moment and that also helped in me relaxing a bit more. Two days after our wedding we received samples to share with friends and family, my husband was impressed! In less than two weeks we received all the images another 'WOW' factor from Andre! Despite the rain on our wedding day, after Andre's assurance that things would workout I stopped worrying. Everyone asked me how we would take pictures and I told them 'Andre got this!'.

Sure enough he did!.... Our images are beautiful we are both so very happy with our decision to work with Andre.

He is truly passionate about photography and fun to work with.
Andre, you have lifelong customers with us, thanks for making our day extra special!

We wish you all the very best!


I'm not very comfortable in front of the camera.

however, somehow Andre managed to make me feel more relaxed and most of all have fun! He has a genuine interest in the people he photographs and takes his work very seriously. We are absolutely thrilled with the photographs he took of us in New York.

It is rare for us to like photographs of ourselves and we absolutely love the ones Andre has taken of us! We are so looking forward to having him photograph our wedding in Jamaica, we're confident he'll capture our special day beautifully and most of all we know we'll have fun with him there taking photographs!

I would definitely recommend Andre.


I thoroughly enjoyed my time being photographed by Andre. At first I was a little nervous about how to look/behave in front of a professional cameraman's lens,

but Andre quickly made me feel relaxed, and even more importantly, had lots of creative ideas for taking that great shot.

The end results were really fantastic, and I was delighted with the photographs I received. We got a ton of exceptionally high quality photos that were unique, original and artistic certainly the best photos Ive ever had taken. And aside from the end result,

the process was thoroughly enjoyable Andre is a particularly nice and relaxed guy and was a genuine pleasure to spend time with.

Highly recommended.

Pricilla + Andrew

Our photo shoot session was so spectacular and a great experience.

Andre from start to finish was very professional, patient, helpful and made us feel so much at ease. After the first few shots, we didn't even feel like we were taking photos, we were having so much fun,

just posing and following his coaching.

When we saw our pictures, we were very impressed;

Andre captured the essence of all the emotions we wanted to see in our photos.

They were stunning and all of our friends Andre said,

"just have fun and I will do the rest."

He sure did. Thanks again Andre, Keep up the good work.

Kathryn & Laurent

Working with Andre was one of our best experiences with a photographer. He is very thorough, creative, and professional.

Andre and his team were a lot of fun to work with on the day of the wedding and he helped us relax just a little more before walking down the aisle.

Communication with Andre was always very smooth and easy.

Being that we planned a destination wedding we didn't know what to expect or how to make arrangements however, Andre made a point to call us before we left the states to touch base, met us upon arrival, and stayed in contact with us between this, up to the day of the wedding.


Memories are best captured by beautiful pictures, No better person to have captured our special day than you Andre.

When someone requires professionals, outgoing and humor, you're the best person to display such qualities.

Thanks for allowing us to create beautiful memories that will be treasured for a life time.

PS: happy you only wet our appetites with two photos at first, they were worth the wait!!!

All the best, continue to makes brides like myself speechless and happy.


That is how I would describe my experience with Andre Morgan. Who would have thought a picture package would be like a video of an awesome splendid day? Every detail captured in an almost unseen position.I could re-read the blessing of the ring by looking at the bookbeing captured and the marriage signing in the video (whoops I meant picture), I could feel the depth of the prayer for my husband and I, I could feel the magically romance of our musical item, the beautiful clear stones on my nail, the smoothness of my youthful skin and the tears of joy as I walked down the aisle.Classy photos; a keen eye for detail; I don't know a lot aboutfishing but he was at the right place at the right time to capture superb photos. Causing no hindrance to the proceeding from my memory; I almost couldn't tell if I saw him at the Church really.

How often can an individual get service of the same standard from beginning to end? I would say the service received from Andre Morgans performance in the art of capturing spectacular moments was energetic from beginning to end. Looking at the last set of picture for the night brought memories of Joy as I saw a picture with my uncle. My uncle and I spoke before the wedding and he said he would come to my wedding if he got a dance with the bride; I agreed. At the end of the reception service we greeted and as the music resonated I gave him that little dance even without realizing that Andre Morgan was right there (while others left). Night caught us taking pictures however that served as no hindrance to the magic of his craft; truly an awesome professional high service of high quality at reasonable cost and with no strings attached. Like any craft there is room for further improvement and with Andres personality the higher heights are reachable.